all of us feel da same pressure...
more pressure for those who carry 2 heavy subjects like
anatomy n physiology..
for me..i only carry one big subject which is physiology
and a simple subject, biochemistry..

but the pressure i feel now maybe the same as others
for biochemistry is considered as a heavy subject for me...

syasya is feeling down rite now..she needs her mom..
eya..is thinking bout going back to malaysia
right after the final paper...
which means early july..
nana also seems like she needs her family..
but the internet sucks..no skype for her..

well maybe its a good thing when we can communicate with our family
thru the internet..skype, yahoo messenger..etc..
compared to our parents during the past years..
they only can communicate with their family thru mails..
airmail..which took a quite long time to be delivered n to b replied..
we shud b grateful..

but its normal to miss our precious far family..
we really need them..
to give us support..to help us smile in this hectic n depressing time..

as for me, messaging with my dad is like a routine..
which makes me feel so happy..
even a small fight with abah makes me smile sometimes, despite of
the sad feeling i had...
but i also had some time feeling so down..

i was thinking..wondering..
dont we have our own strength to keep on striving without feeling
such a negative feeling?
why must we be so down for not having our family next to us?
not that i dont think dat family is important..
but we are far abroad from our home sweet home..
we can only depend on ourselves for anything we do...

i hope i can b so strong..
same goes to my lovely friends..
the path for success is still long way to go...
lets enjoy the journey..
for there wud b no success unless failures had already made
their way..
not saying failure in exams..maybe failure of keeping up the strength..
failure of being relax n calm in facing many circumstances.....

-end of entry-


eiffelz said...

hey dear...

gud luck in whatever you are doing right now..

be strong..
may the success be yours..always


yuya said...

thanx epe..

all da best to u too..

may success b ours.. ;)

LoVeLy LeYa said...

yeah.thats very true sue :)
me feel the same way too.
7 subjects and the system of-passing-all-the-subjects to naik tahun...is killing me to death.
semoga kita sumua akan success!